Whale tail splash

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Acrylic, texture paste / Plaster on MDF Board

  • Materials: Acrylic, texture paste / Plaster on MDF Board
  • Size: 60x70 cm
  • Series: North wind
  • Colors: White,Blue,Black
  • Style: relief abstraction
  • Youtube:   https://youtu.be/N3yTae5Zt4s

The artwork in an abstract style depicts dark blue expressive splashes of paint on a white background.

 The black waters of the ocean, the ship, the darkness, a whale rises in the water column. One movement of its tail, and now it is impossible to clearly distinguish the contours in the water of either the ship or the whale itself…Only cold salty splashes at this moment.

The artwork is embossed all over the surface, looks beautiful from different viewing angles. Contrasting combination of white and black, dynamic composition.