Sea gradient

Acrylic, MDF artboard

  • Materials: Acrylic, MDF artboard
  • Size: 40x50 cm
  • Series: North wind
  • Colors: White,Black,Blue,Turquoise,Aqua,Light blue
  • Style: relief abstraction
  • Youtube:

The artwork is made in the style of abstract painting, it is depicts a dive into the depths of the sea

The dark blue and blue gradient is the sea depth, the white splashes are the image of splashes from the movement of water. What secrets does the seabed hold? What kind of mood does depth give us?

The water in the sea can be very different. The artwork depicts a dive into the depths of the sea. A jump into the water or the movement of a large dolphin awakens and disturbs the calm water column. Millions of small air bubbles appear, rushing upward. They shine under the rays of the sun and break out to the surface of the sea.

This artwork encourages people to think about their excessive consumption and the need to preserve nature. The picture is about the human footprint in the history of our planet. It is in our power to think about the careful use of natural resources.