About me

My name is Anastasia Nagaeva. I am an architect - designer - artist By education and vocation. I found harmony at the intersection of creative and technical for myself.

I always adhere to the principle "from the general to the particular", from architecture to decor. Therefore, I think that art is an accurate, precise detail that is necessary for a certain interior, like air, like a final chord.

The force of nature - this is the sense of my artworks: the might of the wind, the power of the mountains or the infinity of the desert. And the strength of the spirit of a person who is ready to conquer peaks, sail in a boat on the high seas or light a campfire for the night in the forest. The desire to be one with the nature elements is familiar to me, inspires and is the core of my artworks.

Years spent on rafting, in the mountains, winter free ride, hiking and professional artist's education is the perfect combination to be able to resonate in your heart.